Owning a holiday park home or caravan can be an enjoyable experience, but there are some pitfalls to avoid. Holiday Parks do not provide the same protection as Residential ones.

It is important if you are buying a holiday park home that you have a written agreement with the site owner, which explains what is included and what your rights are. You should be aware that you are generally buying the home and a temporary right to keep it on the land, so you will want to know what services are provided and what the charges will be, both now and into the future.

Before purchasing a holiday park home, or paying any deposit, we recommend that you seek legal advice. There are very few law firms that specialise in this type of work and it is important that you choose a solicitor that has experience of this niche area of law.

Should you have a dispute once you have purchased, we may also be able to assist you. We regularly deal with disagreements between residents or between residents and the site owner and we work hard to try and find a resolution for you.