If you are purchasing a new home, we strongly recommend that you do not sign any agreement or pay any deposit until you are sure that the home is the one for you and that you are happy with the restrictions that are contained in the Written Statement and Site Rules.  You also need to be aware of what you are purchasing – for instance, whether the price includes a garden shed, decking or anything else that may not be a physical part of the home itself.

Because park home purchases can occur very quickly, we recommend that if you are going to instruct us then you do so at the very earliest opportunity.  Sometimes it makes sense to do this even before you put in an offer, so that we can get all of the paperwork in order and get things moving quickly.  There are formalities that solicitors need to go through before they can act for you and getting these dealt with can save time when it comes to the purchase.  There is no cost involved until you tell us to go ahead.  Our aim is to try and make your purchase as simple as possible.

We offer a number of fixed-price packages to assist you :

We will review the documents provided to you by the vendor, including the Written Statement, Site Rules and Site Licence to consider whether there are any issues. We will give you a written report in the form of a letter or verbally advise you as you prefer and will provide you with the various forms that need to be exchanged. All contact with the vendor or site owner is dealt with by you. The cost of this service is £395, plus VAT (£474 inclusive).

If you want someone to manage the entire process of the purchase, then we can do that for you. By law, there is a requirement for a significant pack of information to be provided and we liaise directly with the vendor and the site owner as needed to obtain this or an explanation as to why it is not available. We will deal with the paperwork that needs to be completed and arrange for it to be served as appropriate. The price for this is £700, including VAT.

Sometimes it is a good idea to conduct some checks on a home, such as whether there is the correct planning permission or if enforcement action is being taken.  As well as dealing with the purchase and reporting back to you, we conduct basic enquiries of the local authority.   The cost of this service is £850 including VAT but you will need to add any search fees that we are charged.  These vary from about £75 to £800 (including VAT), depending on the detail that you would like.

Please note that we do not normally deal with the transfer of funds for the purchase, although we can.  This is something that you do not need a solicitor for, as it can normally be accomplished by an electronic transfer straight from your bank to the seller’s account.  This saves both time and expense, as only one transaction is needed.  The fees above also do not include negotiation with the purchaser, which we assume will be completed by you, although we can assist here if needed.

For each of these packages, the fee is payable in advance and will stand whether or not the purchase is completed.  If you prefer to pay after completion, then we operate on an hourly rate of £200+VAT instead of our standard packages.  This does generally work out to be more expensive, but has the advantage that you can defer payment until the end of the process.  Please see our fees page for differences between the types of fees we offer.

Whilst our standard packages are suitable for most, we recognise that sometimes there is a need to look at other matters and investigate issues in more detail or occasionally there are issues that arise which requires us to do more work that is described in the packages above.  For example, we may identify an issue with the home that needs to be resolved before you complete the purchase.

We can also build your own package based on your requirements which will look through the documentation and then can examine such issues as the history of the site, whether there are problems with flooding or compliance with the site licence that might see enforcement action being taken by the local authority. Fees payable to the local authority maybe due, but we will advise you of these in advance.

Sometimes, there may be complications with purchases – for example if the owner of the site tries to block the sale or the home owner does not provide all of the information required.  In these circumstances, we may charge an additional fee for the extra work that is involved.  We will always let you know how much we expect this to be.