A ‘QRA’ is an association formed by the occupiers of a park home site that has a special recognition in law.

It is relatively easy to form, but care should be taken to ensure that the various requirements are met ;

(a) it must be an association representing the occupiers of mobile homes on that particular site;

(b) at least 50 % of the occupiers of the mobile homes on that site must be members of the association;

(c) it must be independent from the owner. The site owner and any agent or employee cannot be a member

(d) membership must be open to all occupiers who own a mobile home on that site (note : Only one member per home and it is the person whose name appears first on the agreement to occupy the site;

(e) it must maintain a list of members which is open to public inspection, together with the rules and constitution of the residents’ association;

(f) it must have a chairman, secretary and treasurer who are elected by and from among the members;

(g) with the exception of administrative decisions taken by the chairman, secretary and treasurer acting in their official capacities, decisions may only be taken by voting and there is only one vote for each mobile home

It may be helpful to set up the QRA as a limited company or some other legal structure, otherwise it will be classed as an ‘unincorporated association’, which has very limited rights. For example, it cannot enter into contracts or take matters to court. Everyone in an unincorporated association is equally liable for what happens.

If you are thinking of setting up a QRA on your residential park and need some advice, please contact us. We can provide you with a model constitution and assist you in the process.

Qualifying Residents Associations

The Department for Communities and Local Government has produced a useful factsheet that can be dowloaded and gives an outline of the “QRA” rights and eligibility to be considered as an association. Please click on the image of the document to access it.

Qualifying Residents Associations

If you want to establish a QRA, there is some useful information on the IPHAS website, including a model constitution and letters to the site owner.

Whilst we act for some park owners, we will never act for a park owner where we are also representing the Association, as we take our responsibilities in representing our client’s interests very seriously and will fight to represent those that instruct us.