Whilst it is not a legal requirement to use a solicitor to sell a park home, there are very good reasons why you should use one, not least because there is a legal process to be followed.

Having a solicitor also shows that you are serious about the sale and that you have the right back-up to make sure that things are done properly. This can inspire confidence in the buyer, especially if they are not represented themselves.

We are specialists in this area of work and can help guide you though the process, completing the necessary forms at the right time and dealing with the purchaser as needed, preparing a contract for the sale and handling the funds (subject to conditions) when the sale completes.

In order to sell a residential park, home, the formalities that need to be followed include preparing a Buyers Information Form (sometimes known as a ‘Schedule 1’), along with a pack of information that tells the buyer about your home. It is really important that you collect all of the necessary documents together at an early stage, preferably before you even put the home on the market.

We can offer a fixed fee package to sell your home, preparing the necessary forms, serving them on the buyer or the buyer’s solicitor and then arranging for the day that the sale is completed and keys are exchanged.

Our standard service for this is £950 including VAT (£791.67 plus VAT), plus any expenses that are incurred such as bank fees if you need us to deal with the transfer of funds. This is our most popular option.

We can also offer a basic service to review your papers and ensure that they are in order for just £650, including VAT (£541.67 excluding VAT). With this option, you complete the forms yourself and arrange to serve them on the buyer and the site owner.

Alternatively, we can charge on an hourly rate (£150-£250 per hour including VAT, depending on the seniority of the lawyer dealing with the work). This can be an advantage if the process is straightforward, but more expensive if there are complications.

Should you need us to negotiate with the buyer, we can do this for you as well. Because it is difficult to know how easy or hard it will be to negotiate or how long negotiations will take, we charge for this service on an hourly rate of £200 per hour, including VAT (£166.67 excluding VAT). Please note that our fixed fee packages do not include any additional work that we may have to undertake if you cannot trace the documents needed for the sale, such as the Mobile Homes Act agreement, which is charged on the same hourly rate.